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Fantasy Maker

June 28, 2011

Fantasy Maker

What is marketing or branding ?

Wikipedia says so

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business.

A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. The word branding began simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp.

The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – it affects the personality of a product, company or service.

The summary is therefore to let the world, customers to recognize you, your product, service, your company, it is a image of the business.

The question is if the image is all what branding needs nowadays? The answer is clearly negative, modern definition of branding has largely extended into how customers see the company, the product or the service from the behaviors those companies act.

At this moment, you would start to wonder what you are trying to make sound for? I am not here to explain the definition or the conception, but to introduce the idea what exactly the branding is making effort to achieve.

As all customers are simply human beings, they see the commercial supply the same way they see other people in the world, if there is click, chemistry, attraction and benefits. When they approach a brand, there are several known reason, they are in need of using the products/service, they are curious and convinced to try, they mentally expect this product/service to transform/improve their social status,********

For each of the purposes, I do discover one thing in common, the ideal image the product/service brings them. Now here goes with the question, what is the ideal image? You might give a laugh, ideal image, they want to have it, that’s it. Exactly, but among thousands of products/services on the market,

why this one instead of that one?

To explicit this puzzle, I believe I can tell a story first.

The fair tale, the sleeping beauty, is worldwide well-known. A beautiful princess was cursed into sleeping, waiting for the prince to rescue with a loving heart kiss.

Take time having some thinking, why must it be prince and princess? why must it be kiss?


Transformer, 007 series, the heroes, American Idols

Why would those movies be hot on the market?

Why all the actresses in them sexy, pretty?

The super power, the adventure, the luxury lifestyle, the self-esteem.

What do human man beings work for? What do they expect in their lives? What are their dreams? What are their pities in the reality?

All those are originally from the dreams, fantasies that are held deeply in our heart. All those can’t be easily fulfilled in the cruel world for every one. To get away from the reality, the form of ourselves and our lives we pursuit to possess, we live on those dreams, fantasies, if by any chance, we could see it, feel it, witness it, it gives us the moment of being satisfied. We would love to embrace, pay, and enjoy the moment, even we clearly are aware of the fact it is simply the mirage, watchable but untouchable.

What are consumers after?

As well-known, there are leading customers, following customers, adventurous customers, loyal customers, wandering customers.

Leading customers know very well what they expect on the product/service, the followers don’t see clearly the benefits but the leaders’ image is appealing to them by the benefits obtained. The adventurous are never satisfied with one certain brand, they like to try new things, the loyal ones stay firmly with the brands they feel comfortable or satisfied without doubt, they develop from their pleasant experience. The wanders certainly have needs of the product/service, but they are lost, drown in the millions of options, they are blind, they are divided into following and adventurous groups.

Each brand dreams of having loyal customers. To approach them, to maintain them, to solidify the relationship with them. This achievement requires large amount of money, time, effort support, moreover, the sophisticated marketing strategy to win.

However, it is not mission impossible, we see those brands on the market. Coca-Cola, Dior, BMW, Apple, Sony and others. When we first have the needs of the products, those names come into my head first. We are familiar with their commercials. It is not simply that they are everywhere, but the visual impact on the commercials touch the string, the echo has been responded, Yes, that is the image we are eager to own, that is the image of ourselves we want to show to the world. That’s what we longer for.

Is the fancy visual image enough to create the fantasy? The answer is certainly Yes. But it is not enough to keep the fantasy long life. Meanwhile, some suspecision could easily kill those perfect image. Don’t believe me, then take a careful look at this commercial

Lancome little black bottle

Lancome Gene decides fundamental quality of the skin ( genifique) . Amazing slogan, we cant agree more, what is coming next, nothing is talking about the gene, only the effect of the product, only the good quality, therefore I seriously doubt if this product can actually improve the quality as you stress on the GENE at very beginning. Want me to trust me, therefore to purchase this? You will have clean your mind first, be logical first, you cant think logical, how may you possibly convince me?

I don’t have the source who developed this idea, but I have to say, you are idiot.

Lets take a look at a good one.

Lynx TVC.

A guy is visiting the auto show and checking the inner part of a car, the car model smells a scent and traces to the man, bumps him into the rear seat with hips in sneak, after a short while, the car alarm sounds.

This LYNX is a man’s product to make you smell good in man way. All men expect the attention and attraction from pretty women. Men are trying to hard to impress the women they appreciate. But most of time, they failed, men are frustrated, lost, confused. This TVC provides the chortcut to all men, you use it, your dreams will be fulfilled easily, you will have the affection adventure you seek. Simple and appealing scene, no unnecessary and production introduction dialogues filled, what is the outcome? This TVC is remembered, the product intrigues, attraction is built.

We know there are 4 steps before the actual purchase behavior occurs, attraction, interest, inquiry and purchase.

Fantasy is the attraction and interest, which are key to chain the customers, no matter which group they are belonging to. No matter what their financial situation lays, no matter how old they are. You bring the fantasy, the illusion in  front of customers, you win the first step. Then we will leave the rest to other department experts to worry. You have done your excellent job.


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