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Wine Business Common Marketing Methods, are we sleeping on those?

July 24, 2011

Wine Business Common Marketing Methods, are we sleeping on those?

We are drowned in the ocean of the wine names.

It appears like Wikipedia to non-professional customers, so many names, styles, tastes, vintages, chateaus.

Good, it gives convenience to the wine companies to cut in the market, let us tell you how to choose, of course with certain goal which is you should buy mine.

Lets see how those wine companies work on it.

Culture and background Education

Where is our wine produced, which chateau, what vintage, who, how old is the history, what grape, how to brew,

Wine Culture with cuisine

The wine difference and specialty, what match or fitting with cuisine, western food table-manner, gobbler options and match, how to tell the time, quality of the wine, how to drink, how to preserve, accessories,

Wine Tasting Activities

Seminars, Promotions at selling spots, new products/brands organization parties, complimentary samples

VIP / Loyalty Program/Club

Credit VIP membership, discount, accumulation buying system, Club, luxury activities for only members, socialization activities

Personal/Customerized Service

Personal wine cell preservation, Label inscription,

I have seen those for over 10 years, they are still going on, no sign of change or update has been discovered yet, suppose, one innocent customer was first educated 10 years ago, 10 years past, he has developed into wine drinking habit, he has acquired the enough knowledge and personal preference. He has become the regular customer to wine.

Apparently, he is not alone, thousands of thousands of the kind are out there in his market, meanwhile, more and more brands/products hit the market as well. The customers are more sophisticated, so is the market. We feel difficult and more strongly competitive. We are struggling to maintain the market share, we are complaining the customers are getting harder and harder to keep and please.

Of course, you still treat them the same way as what you did 10 years ago, they are no longer kids any more, but well grow up.

Customer behavior and desire lead out moves, so study our customers again.

There are fashion followers, interest customers, habit customers on wine market.

Fashion Followers

Drinking wine is a long history tradition in western world, China is more and more international, many impacts from western world are flooding in, Chinese people receive and start to follow, meanwhile they have the western world worship in certain degree. So they start to live in the similar lifestyle, clothes, attitude, mind. They want to show they are having better taste and social status rather than simple drinking beers.

Meanwhile, the beautiful and romantic scene is always accompanied with wine, candle, shining gobblers. I have never seen beers or whiskey there, have you?

Interest customers

There are two groups in this, one is for health sake, the other is for the trying new things and appreciation of the taste.

For those who drink it on regular basis or when reminded who drink wine, they don’t tend to know much about the culture, knowledge or quality of the wine, they are simply educated its good for health, especially for the cardio-vascular condition. We can ignore those people.

The intrigued trying customers, they had happened to touch the wine on an occasional scenarios, since then they start to fall for the taste, however they are not well knowledgeable on this liquid. They start to try different wines by any opportunities, but they are not actual buyers yet at beginning,

Habit Customers

They have experienced the period of time when they were drawn by the liquor, they studied, they tried various brands, eventually they have found their own taste on wine, the favorite brand, taste, vintage, region, they have become loyal to certain companies and brands, if you are trying to educate this group, my suggestion is you’d better save your breath, they could possibly be more knowledgeable than you on this product, history, So don’t bother.

In China market, who should the wine brands target? Who would become the largest group customer? What do they most care on the wine purchase behavior? Under what circumstances this purchase takes place? Where do they prefer or tend to buy the wines? How often do they purchase? Does promotion matter to them?

I don’t feel the necessity to repeat this basic market analysis here.

Lets move to the next step.

The common and popular method are for the marketing group who don’t have enough adventurous spirit, those are safe, there is no risk you might fail the campaign, of course, the outcome is predictable, you will catch some eyes, you will promote some sales, although it might be much raise, however everybody is doing this way year by year.

The world is changing, our customers are evolving, grabby, more and more sophisticated and seeking stronger adventure and mental impact. The question is are you ready and prepared to embrace the challenge? Do you expect to hear ‘ wow, that’s bright’ .

I would like to share some of my ideas how to meet their needs with more intense and brave moves.

How many wine companies have ever thought about to get PR method involved in their marketing campaign? You probably wonder what the association it is ?

What is wine?

It is not simple a drink, it is not just the symbol of the life style, it is also, even moreover, a toll to build the connection between people, it provide the relaxing environment, the guide-loosing platform. The person who possess it does not have to drink, you may present as a trophy, as memory, as story, as collection display.

To sponsor the activities which represents the culture, taste, attitude, you may find out your image can be given and spread more wildly, more concentrating.

To run loyalty program at the actual vintage by inviting the VIP customers, It is more appealing to the target group members who do enjoy the traveling to exotic zone.

Other methods I am about the introduce will also be effective to attract more developing customers.

To introduce the wine as social tool, it can appear in friends gathering, home party instead of making tea, coffee and other traditional customs. You may simply create the series of story with wine as tool in particularly social media, introduce this story, mark one of the character firmly with wine, the brand, the habit, the emotional obsession to humanize it.

To present as memorial present between friends, lovers, along with the story in which under what circumstances, what historical celebrities had experienced the wine. If you don’t know the story, then you can dig harder, why? Once you become part of the history, you can be memorized with depth. Everybody knows Princess Helen, when the image of troy comes along, they recall Helen. This is the easy association. You are the reflection of history, culture, not the repulsive commence. The world handles this much better than the ugly truth, money.

There are more and more I have been thinking how to help to develop this industry in a better and creative and artistic way. Here I will have to say ‘ lets get started, make the first step’.

The most important issue is to free your mind, stop running the riot.


Johnny Chown

July 23rd, 2011


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