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TVC Patten and Insight

August 19, 2011

TVC Patten and Insight

Everyday when we turn on the TV, what do we watch most of the time, news, series, movies, talk show, entertainment shows? No, it is commercial. They are everywhere, no place to hide from them. Between the shows, in the middle of the shows, you hate it, it is annoying.

What can we do? It is the best way to send the mass the message what our products or services are. This is the mass-reaching platform to make our sound.

Yes, I completely agree, but please do have a consideration for the audients, they are the customers, they watch it every time on TV, you don’t want to provoke them, torture their depressed mind.

Now we should have a review over the TVC on air in the past 5 years, Generally there are several frequently used methods we may observe.


Create a story with the culture or lifestyle the Branding embedded,

alcohol, family reunion, friends gathering.


Set a very scenery with nice special effect and build in the product which has functional association,

   Coca-cola, Sirmar Tee,


Design a accident or tragic situation, then the product cuts in to become the savior

   Laundry Power, Shampoo, pharmaceutical


Mainly all products targeting children are using this method, they design the fairyland-like or lovely cartoon characters to catch kids eye ball. Then they will bully the parents to purchase simply for the cartoon rather than the product.

   Karf Chips Ahoy!, Wangzai Milk

Promotion Introduction

To advertise their nationwide promotion information. It is effective and efficient to give the message.


Movie Sponsor Preview

They are the sponsors to movies, now they combine the movie scene in their regular commercial to remind customers

   Auto in 007, Lenovo in Transformer 3, Motorola,Nokia cell phones

Pure Product bragging

There are 2 ways,

1: spokesmen/women,

Pay the celebrities to represent their product, speak for them, introduce and put in good words

2: simply product speakers

All powerful advantages are brought up in the commercial to tell customers how good the product is, nothing else relevant to customers thoughts.


What I want to say here is I have seen very very very few good commercials that are relevant to customers deep desire to this product/service.

I’ll have to ask again, why do the customers buy this product instead of others? Why are they happy with the product? What kind of commercial can please and entertain customers in visual effect?

Lets take a look at some examples

Marlboro Tobacco,


The original idea to represent the image is a cowboy in wild west, a passionate, manly image, a man who never gives up, welcomes challenge. It gives the delusion the man who is smoking this is such kind of man. It is exactly all men desire for, no matter he is already such kind or he wants to be such kind. It traces back to the original natural human desire, sexual desire.

Marlboro Reveals this in a fantasy way, nothing erotic but beautiful.

Karf Chips Ahoy!


The humanized cookie was designed, with funny moves, not even just kids,I believe some adults ,may also love it. When they consume this product, the interesting images may recalled .

Karf Oreo

There is a series of the childhood happy moment, a kid is thinking about to give present to his mom, then he licks a heart shape on the cookie, but shortly after, he says, next one, I just eat this. The power ,the attraction of the product is more powerful than other things, meanwhile it shows the children’s innocence, interesting and appealing.

Before we start the brainstorm of commercial or any arty work in marketing, have a thought, who are our customers, what appeals them? What do they hate? What is the deepest desire in their hearts? Think in their shoes, what do you expect to see? Meanwhile you should have a good study on customer mind and behavior analysis.

So keep this in your mind all the time: tickle the desire!!!

We always say be creative, be different, but we are restrained by our mind, free your heart from your mind, crazy ideas are never dumb. Chase it.

Johnny Chown

August 20th. 2011


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