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Are your events successful enough to reach your goals?

September 17, 2011

Are your events successful enough to reach your goals?


Many companies are into event marketing, either for products or PR purpose.

I have personally been to many events as well, theme party, product launch, brand education, promotion, networking and so on. However, I didn’t see many good ones, which are will-organized, boring, slack,

Why do we make events?

We have our commercial purposes to achieve through events, new product launch, networking, potential business discussion, branding. We want to show those to the guests, impress them with what we provide on the event.


Why do people come to your events?

People do see events as interesting view or networking platform, they may have the opportunity to be entertained or make more new friends for business or personal purpose.


What keep them at your events?

Your events provide the opportunity for the people, its fun, interesting, many valuable anticipants. When they are actually in the event, the guests can relax or find the room to achieve their purpose.


What make your event different and appealing?

Different, creative, new activities can be effective to draw the attention and interest of anybody, to provide the comfortable environment and useful gears can be helpful.


What makes guests anticipate your event?

By joining in the activities, they will gain the benefits, which would be either financial or emotional, even though those are potential elements.


What do the guests talk about more about your events after its finished?

We do have a goal to design any events, when it is finished, the effect goes far, it will be spread by the guests, you do expect all guest will enjoy, talk about your company, products, service or new things they witness there. Moreover those have to be positive comments.


How do we achieve the goals via events?

1: Most important thing is you have clear mind what you want to achieve on the event.

Who do we want to invite?

The profile of the people, the convenient location and time.

What message do we give?

What effect and response do we expect?


2: Once we set the clear goal, be creative, don’t be afraid of trying new things, new things always are attractive or eye-balls catch. For instance, we see many lottery on event, how to make it? don’t be cliché, someone will draw the numbers? Too many, old school, why don’t you make it more mysterious more unpredictable, appear fair. Lets say animal role, animal don’t care who you are. They are fair, and we all love animals.


3: You set logical and reasonable procedure and make sure all guests are aware of it vaguely or clearly. No guests would appreciate the situation they have no idea what is going to happen on the events, what you provide or what kind of people will anticipate. So be well-organized, announce the procedure, process. embed the fun in the whole event evenly. People can be patient enough to wait for the one they love. Otherwise will you stay? Reference of movie preview.


4: The gift should be carefully selected, we go to events, we do expect and know there will be gift, also we are aware its relevant to the company, who organizes it. On organizer side, you have message to send on the gift, introduction, business contact. You pray guests may keep them and they will use the information. So be simple, be useful in people’s daily life, increase the exposure opportunity. It doesn’t matter the value of the gift but the usage. Especially the usage to your targets. Analyze their behavior, likes, provide what they will keep instead of the outcome of junk mail.


5: Thank God, it is finally finished after all the effort we make before and on the event, we can have a rest now. Don’t think like this, it is just the beginning of the new start, following-up.

You probably will ask, follow what? All guests are gone. Yes, they left the event, but they are still in your market, you don’t just do one event, you don’t just approach them once.

We have two types of event, public event with random people involved, the other one is guest-list event with expect guests involved.

For random people, observe the audient, watch their response, their behavior on the event, then recall the whole process of your event, which part is welcome, which part is not. It will help you magnificently on your next event.

For guest list event, it is comparatively easier, e-mail, phone following, ask for their comments, suggestions and expectations. Remember all those, next event, you can be more target oriented.


In the end, every time when you design an event, collect more ideas, no idea is bad, only difference is if its good for your event.



Johnny Chown

September 18th, 2011


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